Know everything about G-Forces before planning on space tourism

G-Forces - Things you need to know about G-Forces before heading into space

Be it Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey or J. J. Abram’s world-famous Star Trek movie series, all of them abstained from delivering the significant consequences that everyone faces during space tourism. Almost all the sci-fi movies of the film industry portrayed fictional theories of physics, especially in the case of G-Force or bypassed it as a whole.

Space tourism – Traveling to the outer space

Unless commercial space travel came into existence, the professional astronauts were the only people allowed to go for space tourism, i.e., board a rocket, experience G-Forces, and reach the stars. These professionals were hired and were exquisitely trained by authorized government agencies across the whole wide world.

In the news, around seven intrepid travelers traveled to space and vacayed for a few days aboard the ISS or International Space Station. These people spent more than a million currencies to plan and execute this space tourism.

Know about commercial space tourism

Today, the leading commercial companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are working very hard to develop spacecraft. With these commercial spacecraft, space tourism will become easy for regular people like you and me. And by spending some of our hard-earned savings, we can experience everything that lies beyond the surface of the earth.

Even though we can expect the space tourism industry to launch with grace within a few days, we need to keep certain things in mind. Most importantly, about the G-Forces. This article will discuss G-Forces and everything you need to know about it ahead of your planning to outer space.

What is G-Force?

G-Force is nothing but the same as gravitational force. We can stand erect on the surface because of the gravitational force present within the earth, and this force inculcated within the earth attracts all physical objects towards the center.

G-Force in space

We can experience g-Force in space due to the acceleration of spacecraft. Since the spaceship doesn’t maintain a constant velocity while traveling, astronauts feel the force of gravity.

Had the spacecraft traveled at a fixed velocity, regardless of the speed it was traveling at, there would be zero presence of G-Force felt during space tourism. So gravitational; we can experience a force in outer space as long as the spaceship is under acceleration.

G-Force – How do astronauts groom themselves before traveling to space?

G-Force is significantly felt by the astronauts while traveling to space. However, the force is not as critical and heavy as Hollywood scientific fiction films portray. Before astronauts travel to space, they groom themselves accordingly to have the tolerance power of accentuating the changes they are about to face during space tourism.

Astronauts are usually put inside centrifuge-based stimulators or inside centrifuges as a whole to upgrade the tolerance capabilities of G-Force. In the recent past, IAM has developed and come up with a human centrifuge that exhilarates greater gravitational forces.

The two human centrifuges are found in the Gagarin center, providing different functionality. The CF-7 caters to test the tolerance of gravitational forces on the human body during the procedure of selection. Besides testing the G-tolerance, it studies the influence of certain extreme factors of spaceflight on the human body.

The CF-18 is used for the training purpose under significant factors of simulated spaceflight like – variations of temperature and humidity, physiological weightlessness, gravitational loads, reduced pressure, etc.

G-Force experienced by astronauts during rocket launch

The impact of gravitational force can be essentially extensive; however, the cargo or the spacecraft is built to make the force less intensive for the astronauts within. The excessive G-forces portrayed in science fiction films do not happen for real. Had it been so, the intensive levels of G-Force can be exquisitely fatal for the human body, even to the extent of being dead!

According to various pieces of evidence, a normal human being has the capability of blacking out even at the force of 9gs. The astronauts experience a maximum gravitational force of at least 3gs during a spacecraft launching. This force is almost three times greater than the G-Force human beings experience on earth.

Nevertheless, the astronauts tolerate this gravitational force, and they survive through the trip to space. It is because the astronauts are thoroughly trained in extensive G-Force, and for this, they develop the tolerance power. And while they set out their foot for space tourism, they wear gravitational suits, better known as g-suits. As they are prepared correctly, they possess the power to withstand the strong forces of gravity.

G-Force – Reality and intensity in space tourism

G-force in space exists for real, and it is absolute because of the spacecraft’s acceleration. We can experience these gravitational forces whenever the rocket launches in space tourism. Unlike the fictional theories of physics applied in science fiction films, G-Forces are present but not with much intensity.

Have you ever watched live streaming of astronauts inside a spacecraft during its launch? Well, then you will know how the astronauts are almost crushed back into their seats because of the strong gravitational forces they experience during space tourism.

You can also experience these strong gravitational forces elsewhere. Like say, suppose you are traveling in your car and you speed up quickly and zoom through an elevated curve; you will get to feel the same gravitational force because of the presence of acceleration. Nevertheless, the G-Force during a rocket launch is far stronger and sustained.

As you are now planning a trip to space, you might feel quite terrified about this situation. However, experts and professionals say that this gravitational force is quite manageable.

Hear out the experts about G-Force in space

A famous personality named Dr. Chiao stated that the gravitational forces are not as dangerous and bad as they are portrayed in the films. Exaggerating almost everything in films is quite obvious. He adds, “If you’re good enough to be given medical approval to go on a trip like this, you’re not going to have any problems handling the G-Forces.”

If you are looking forward to space tourism, it is high time that you should set aside all your fears and gear up, and groom yourself accordingly. Dr. Chiao also mentions that before you are all ready and set out for the trip to space, you will need to undergo various trial runs with the centrifugal to experience strong gravitational forces and become tolerant.

Pieces of advice from the experts

As professionals say that gravitational forces are quite manageable, you are required to follow certain tips and tricks so that you have the power to withstand the force. It would help if you remembered that –

  • You need to sit comfortably and relax.
  • Make sure that you are not very conscious and let your muscles relax.
  • Allow your body to sink into the launching couch.
  • Place all your arms and limbs inside the launching couch.

If you keep these three important things in your mind before setting out for space tourism, you are great to go. However, if you become very conscious about fighting the G-force and become extremely rigid, you might end up hurting yourself.

To conclude

When you set out for space tourism, you must undergo proper training. You will experience G-Forces; however, there is nothing much to worry about. While you wear G-suits and follow the right protocols, your space trip will be wonderful as well as adventurous!

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